House Rules


So…if anyone ever finds this, welcome.

This will be my first post just to let everyone know exactly what will be happening on this page.

As of 25th May 2016, I will be adding blog posts…but I can’t say that I’ll be doing them regularly, or if there is anything worth taking away from these posts. In all honesty, I’m doing this simply because I need a medium to vent out all of my frustrations and sorrows, as a person who carries his heart and his depression on his sleeve.

Nothing will be focussed so if you’re willing to sift around through tonnes of mumbo-jumbo, then be my guest. However, this comes with a warning not to send hate mail to me. This is purely for my own selfish venting, so please don’t take anything as personal.

Finally, I will update my info about myself: what I do day to day, what I enjoy, and several contact points if you wish to ask me anything.

Thanks for reading, and remember…

D.F.T.B.A.! (Don’t forget to be awesome!)

Difference Between Tired and Depressed

Ok Saitama

It’s very hard for someone to really tell the difference between a “tired” you and a “depressed” you, especially if the person observing is yourself. You may think that if you just sleep on it, you’ll feel better and you’ll be able to carry on like it was nothing. And by conventional wisdom from psychologists and other health specialists, that can hold true in most cases.

But just because it works for some clinically “undepressed” people doesn’t mean it will work for the clinically depressed. Sure, if you have a rough day, a sleep can return your hormones to an equilibrium. But to the clinically depressed, existing hormonal changes can prevent you from correcting your bad sleep cycle, or sleep might not even affect your depression at all.

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