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So…if anyone ever finds this, welcome.

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This will be my first post just to let everyone know exactly what will be happening on this page.

Nothing will be focussed so if you’re willing to sift around through tonnes of mumbo-jumbo, then be my guest. However, this comes with a warning not to send hate mail to me. This is purely for my own selfish venting, so please don’t take anything as personal.

Thanks for reading, and remember…

D.F.T.B.A.! (Don’t forget to be awesome!)

Habitica: The Black Ribbon

Habitica, for those of you who don’t know, is a website which allows people to prioritise tasks and manage habits while levelling up an MMORPG character. MMORPG stands for “massive multiplayer online role-playing game” and it’s a category of games where you level up a character, gaining stronger equipment and skills in order to defeat (alone or with a team) progressively tougher enemies.

This is MY profile!

Habitica allows people to join guilds. Some guilds take the MMORPG element of the site seriously. Some guilds take the task management aspect seriously. And some use it as a vessel for support, whether it’s for STEM students (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), those with broken hearts, or those with suicidal tendencies. (You can see where I’m going with this, clearly.) Continue reading

Choosing Confidants

Okay, time to write about how the depressed can find people to be their confidants…

This will be very circumstantial and based on my experience and VERY limited knowledge of human behaviour, of course, so take it with a million grains of salt. I am NOT an expert BY ANY MEANS!

If you ever had problems in your life, you might feel like finding an easy starting point to recover from your traumatic/upsetting past. This can take the form of a new hobby, a new group of people to talk to, a new location to foster your ideas…whatever. When you’re lost, find something new in the world.


Continue reading

Message from Muse to Muse [μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう] [電撃G’s magazine][Pilefection]

μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう was earlier released by 電撃G’s magazine. Be prepared to be filled with feels by these tear-jerking messages from our beloved Seiyuu to Muse.…

Source: Message from Muse to Muse [μ’s からμ’s へのありがとう] [電撃G’s magazine][Pilefection]

Reflecting on the Past

Death lurks by my door. By my wall, my home, my class, my heart and mind.

The sins of my past come to haunt me…they torment me. They want me to suffer for what I did to her, oh so long ago.

How I betrayed her trust, ruined her purity, and destroyed every ounce of courage and strength I so desperately admired in her. Continue reading