House Rules

So…if anyone ever finds this, welcome.


This will be my first post just to let everyone know exactly what will be happening here.

Nothing will be focussed, so if you’re willing to sift around through tonnes of mumbo-jumbo, then be my guest. I’ll orient my content to mental health-related issues, particularly depression. I’m also taking this artistically, seeing how my tapped-in depression and pessimistic outlook will manifest in my writing.

However, this comes with a warning not to send hate mail to me if I say anything REMOTELY questionable. This is purely for my own selfish venting, so please don’t take anything as personal. In terms of commenting and contacting me,

In terms of commenting and contacting me, NO business/advertisement website links, please! WordPress automatically marks these as Spam.

If you want to take a look through what I’ve already written, the archives are to the right of the main page. Make sure to take a look at the other links at the top of the page for information about me, HugglePenguin, how to contact me, etc.

Thanks for reading, and remember…

D.F.T.B.A.! (Don’t forget to be awesome!)


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