When Music Bleeds into… (Part 2)

…my daily life, it begins to represent some of the cornerstones of how each day unfolds. This time I’ll tell you what each of these songs are.



Yes, I am one of those people who wake up listening to the One Punch Man opening (The Hero by JAM Project). Legitimately, I listen to it when I wake up because it gives me strength. I usually listen to either Jonathan Young’s cover or Nathan Sharp’s (NateWantsToBattle) cover because they’re in English.

今 未来 変えて みたく なった よ
Ima mirai kaete mitaku natta yo
だって 僕たち は まだ 夢 に 気づいた ばかり
Datte bokutachi wa mada yume ni kidzuita bakari

Official translation:
Right now, we want to try changing the future

After all, we’ve only just started to notice our dreams

This song is called Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai? (Is Your Heart Shining?), and this is the first song from the Love Live! Sunshine idol group Aqours. I usually listen to this as I walk from Mater Hill bus station to the Queensland University of Technology (Gardens Point campus). It’s great because the song gets really intense when I start crossing over the Goodwill Bridge, and even on a cloudy and rainy day, this song makes me appreciate the city of Brisbane in all its beauty.

君 を 待った
Kimi wo matta
僕 は 待った
Boku wa matta
途切れない 明日 も 過ぎて 行って
Togirenai ashita mo sugite itte
立ち止まって 振り返って
Tachidomatte furikaette
とめどない 今日 を 嘆き 合った
Tomedonai kyou wo nageki atta

Official translation:
I waited for you
I waited for you
As the seamless tomorrow passed by
I stopped and stood, turned around,
Then mourned the endless today

As my day goes along, this song: Re:Re by Asian Kung-fu Generation is a song I listen to in order for me to keep up the momentum. I listen to Nathan Sharp’s cover of this song because it’s easy to listen to and sing along as I’m working or chilling.

閉口  して 僕  は  待っていた
Heikou shite  boku wa matteita
薄暗い 部屋 一人 きり
Usugurai heya  hitori kiri
閉口 して 僕 は 待っていた
Heikou shite  boku wa matteita
ドア を 蹴破る その 音 を
DOA wo keyaburu  sono oto wo

Official translation:
I was waiting there speechless
all alone in a dimly lit room.
I was waiting there speechless
for the sound of someone kicking the door in.

After a long day at uni, it’s night-time (6pm finish most days). And so, with that, I turn on this song: Goya no Machiawase (Midnight Rendezvous). Specifically, I listen to Nathan Sharp’s cover because I can make an action movie chase scene out of my journey back to the bus station, with this song as the background music.

広がる 闇 の 中、
Hirogaru yami no naka
交わし合った 革命 の 契り。

Kawashiatta kakumei no chigiri.
愛した 故 に 芽生えた 悪 の 花
Aishita yue ni mebaeta aku no hana

これ から 先 訪れる で あろう 全て を
Kore kara saki otozureru de arou subete wo

誰 に も 邪魔させる ワケ に は いかない から。
Dare ni mo jamasaseru wake ni wa ikanai kara.

Official translation:
Within the spreading darkness,
We exchanged vows of revolution.
An evil flower that sprouted because it was loved
Because I can’t let anyone interfere
With everything that’ll come about from now on.

The opening theme song for the anime Death Note (The World by Nightmare). I find that Pellek’s cover of the song is way better than the original, and the English covers by Jonathan and Nathan are good to listen to when I’m studying. I’m actually experimenting with the two English versions. I’m trying to merge the two English covers together (in terms of lyrics) and trying to make it flow too.

And yeah, that’s the songs that currently occupy my day. Possibly a Part Three will come out where it will talk about what music represents certain milestones of my life.


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