To Vanquish the Demon Within…

Trapped in Morning Light.jpeg

We are all victims of the chi which flows through us all.

The good, the bad… The wise and naive…

Through pain and through joy… Through suffering and freedom…

I feel the energy of this world coursing through me…

And when it is stagnant in my heart…my core being.

The darkness which stems from my hate…from my vengeance…

It stays within my heart, ever-biding until the day I step on Death’s threshold.

The light within my body and soul circulates within to reduce my heart’s negative effects by continuous circulation.

Cycling between entering and exiting my body and soul, it shines through the day in all of its radiant light.

But the glorious darkness of the night lulls my patience and peace to sleep, leaving only my anger to rampage free through the night.

Flourish, it will, under the moonlight. It takes its next form: the Chaos Dragon, and the Beast Within.

Building by Moonlight

The Chaos Dragon wields its mighty blade: the Beast Within, which can shatter all perceptions, all truths and lies, all manner of being and matter. The Dragon calls upon its natural strength to obliterate the body and the soul, liberate it of all preconceptions and sin, and leave only in its wake the feeling of fear.

Shadow flowers bloom in the night, drawing upon the sin and evil of the crimes committed during the day. And the Chaos Dragon feasts upon these, giving it unrelenting power and the unquenchable desire for knowledge.

Yet, in this darkness, against all odds and expectations, He appears.

This is not God. This is not the First Buddha. This is not Allah.

This “He” is…me.

Such is the Fragility of Life and Death.jpg

I control the darkness within my soul…the demons it makes, the fallacies it creates, the fears and inhibitions which undermine my purpose in life. I bear the duty to take it down.

It’s the reason why I fight. It’s why I feel alive some days and completely dead other days. It’s why my nights are filled with loneliness as well as determination.

I must destroy the reincarnations of the Chaos Dragon, and its minions. For only through the abolition of such fragile evil can true peace be upon me.

Darkness and light, may you bind to my soul in order to tear the boundaries between real and ethereal, so that I can complete my task of vanquishing all that stand in the way of happiness, justice, and peace.

いつか 僕 が 見せて あげる
Itsuka boku ga misete ageru
Someday, I will show you

光 輝く 世界 を
Hikari kagayaku sekai wo
A world shining with light 

Lyrics from The World by Nightmare (the Japanese band that did the first Death Note intro). Here’s NateWantsToBattle’s English cover, if you want.

I had fun channelling my inner 中二病   (ちゅうにびょう - chunibyo – 8th Grader Syndrome). For those of you who don’t know, I want to imagine your childhood self where you used to imagine the world as a magical and mystical place with unknown magical forces opposing you, and you having mastery of such power too.

8th Grader Syndrome is where an 8th Grader, who is supposed to be more mature, is still stuck in this world, and is trying to incorporate more complex situations into their fantasy. I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’m going to get out of it anytime soon, because it gives me an imaginative freedom from the tedious things like walking home or a bus ride. Exercising the mind, ladies and gentlemen.

Anyways, this was a fun little monologue, and I hope it got you to explore how simple my life can be. If you enjoyed, like and comment on this. Maybe share it with your friends. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe for more shenanigans, and even some serious stuff.

Until next time, dear reader. DFTBA!


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