Your Pain? A Trillionth of My Own…

Ramisa the Authoress’s post I reblogged earlier today
And thus, the fragility of the human mind shows its full force.
A response to Ramisa the Authoress’ “Your Experience? A Billionth of My Own”

The Blinding Sands.jpeg

A glass cube encases you…shielding you from all the horrors and pains of the outside world. No stone can hit you, no knife can pierce you, no hand can slap you or punch you into submission. Nothing can hurt you here. You are encased by a glass cube…

A cube which lets light seep in through every corner…which exposes you to all of the Sun’s devastating UV rays. It shields you from the sticks and stones which will break your bones…but not the rays of cosmic wrath. You are drowning in the light…the light you wanted to see from within the darkness of your mind.

As hands try to reach into your cage, trying ever-so intently in freeing you, you slice them away with whatever harsh, cruel, and heartless actions you can to keep the monsters at bay. The darkness within them, the suffering they experience – and that you caused them – is what keeps you away. It’s the reason why you’re here…in this cage…to not only free yourself from the darkness, but to let the darkness dissapate from the ones you love.

You not only want to protect yourself, but others too. But you’re only searing yourself…burning your skin, blinding your eyes, tearing your dark soul into the oblivion of the Sun.

new ra

“The light can HEAL or the light can BURN…okay, it mostly burns.” – Ra, the Egyptian Sun God (a voiceline from the video game Smite)

Thank you, dear reader, for sticking around until the end of this short little response to Ramisa the Authoress’s post I reblogged earlier today. Make sure you give it a like and a comment, and subscribe to her blog. She does great stuff…much better quality than myself, clearly. And if you want to read more from me, take a look at the archives on the right of the screen (you might need to scroll up a bit), and subscribe to MY blog.

Anyway, thanks everyone and DFTBA!


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