Chuunibyou (Life and Roleplay)

Ah yes… I’m FREE! Free from exams…but not free from the clutches of Chuunibyou and depression…but one step at a time. (LOL!)

But anyways, this time I wanted to talk about my recent experience with role-playing. Now, I’m part of this closed group of Love Live! Sunshine fans, and as you might’ve already guessed, I am a big sucker for the Love Live! franchise as a whole (though I dare say that there are much bigger fans than me).

Now, in this group, there are events where (for the entire day) a select few people roleplay characters from the Love Live! universe. And I’ll tell you right now, I’ve been getting a lot of good feedback from my fellow members.

I usually roleplay as Yohane the Fallen Angel (a.k.a. Yoshiko Tsushima, but she hates being called that when she’s in character). See, the reason why I love Yohane as a character – and the main reason she’s my go-to for roleplay, is because she has Chuunibyou (Eighth Grader Syndrome).

Side note: I’ve discussed what it means to be a chuunibyou, but for those who want a quick reminder, it’s basically a condition when a young person tries to blend their imaginary world with the real world. It’s sorta like a coping mechanism, as demonstrated in a well-known anime called Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai (8th Grader Syndrome, Love, and Other Delusions). But I digress…

Now, since I grew up watching the original Naruto anime series, I love ninjas. I love the idea of having inner energy which can be manipulated to empower the individual. So when I watched Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai, I was kinda trapped in my own world of super-shinobi. Thus, when I saw that Love Live! Sunshine had a chuunibyou as a main character, you know I was MORE THAN EAGER to see how this would pan out.

To my surprise…Yohane was very self-aware of her delusional state. I won’t spoil the how, but despite being a chuunibyou, she is able to join the school idol group Aqours. It was very intriguing…that you can be a chuunibyou and still be sucked into it from time to time. Then I realised that I am like that too, and that – probably – deep down every chuunibyou’s heart, they know it’s a dream in of itself.

Another side note: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai ended in a way that most would find contentious. When I say this, I mean SPOILER ALERT!


The anime ends with the message that it’s okay to live a life with delusions so grandiose…that in a world full of sadness and misery, with so many tough choices to’s okay to have lavish dreams for the sake of feeling content with your life.

Ironically, halfway through the anime, the anime actually gives us the impression that it’s actually more beneficial to abandon your imagination when coping with emotional distress. However, this surely begins to show that it’s not very easy for a young kid to face the music. It becomes evident that Rikka is not happy at all…and we all, with Yuuta, have sympathy at her displeasure despite choosing the mature option.


So in the end, I think we all need to realise that it’s hard being an adult. Yes, I get it…you have to be serious about the repercussions of your life, otherwise everything will fall apart. But for me…I don’t think we have to live like this. We don’t need money to keep this world spinning, and most of us don’t have to go through the hardships we face, if money was never an issue. But my idea is so simplistic that people will just scoff at the idea. I think my idea of world peace is so simple that it will work so effectively. But then again, I’m tooting my own horn, and that is a no-no when it comes to my life philosophy.

Anyway, back to the roleplay, I basically enjoyed being a chuunibyou without being too forceful. I got into countless battles with Ene (a die-hard Honoka Kousaka fan), with her and I exchanging blows in over-the-top chuunibyou action anime battles!

Roleplaying as Yohane, I battle with Shiitake the dog dressed up as Cerberus. Yohane herself dresses up in the Summoner’s Cloak and a raven’s feather in her hair. The only issue with Shiitake is that he loves to chase Riko, for some reason…and Ene has a weird agenda.


Side note: the members of the group like watching the chaos unfold, and some RPers (roleplayers) just kinda do their own thing, such as you can see at the bottom left. That’s Mari (big fan of the Kanan Mountains) hugging Kanan (in the scuba mask).

Image created by Yurax-Mae. Check her out on DeviantArt here.

That is until I unlocked the SUPREME DATENSHI GENJUTSU, which is capable of manipulating a victim’s perception of the entire Multiverse. Ene tried replicating the effects of it to attack me as Fake Yohane, but…

This is going to get VERY weird, but… I (the real me in the chat) am the father of Yohane. I gifted Yohane the ability to use the Supreme Datenshi Genjutsu (SDG). However, I have an ace up my sleeve, in the event that I would have to face my own genjutsu. Meet the GODLY CHUUNIBYOU GENJUTSU, which is essentially the same as the SDG, except that I control the effects of the SDG, since the SDG is just a subset within my domain of power.

Basically, Godly Chuunibyou Genjutsu (GCG) is just as godly as the name suggests.

All hail the GCG!

I’m weird. I should stop. (Hahahahahaha!)

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DFTBA…and Happy Thanksgiving, USA and Canadian citizens.


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