My Christmas Date with Umi Sonoda


So… as people might know from reading my About Me page, I am a Love Live! fan. I love their music, the anime series, even the live shows. Regardless, one of the things I’ve always wanted to do is write about my ideal date with my favourite character from the franchise: Umi Sonoda. The link in her name will direct you to a biography of her character, and watching the anime, I couldn’t help but fall in love with her. (Saying that makes me feel like I’m being lonely and desperate, but I assure you I am not a social or emotional recluse.)

Now, here’s the deal: because I am in a Love Live! fans group chat, I saw someone post a challenge to make a 200-word or less description of a Christmas date with one’s favourite character. Though I DID post the 200-word version in the group chat, I thought that it didn’t really do my imagination justice. So… I decided to flesh it out here, with context in relation to my city’s geography to make it more personalised. Hope you enjoy!


First, I would wait for her by the Wheel of Brisbane, a Ferris wheel situated just in front of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, and across the river from Queen Street Mall (the most iconic mall in the Brisbane Central Business District). I’ll set the meeting time in the early afternoon, so as to keep the surprise hidden (if she is unaware of it).

Perhaps I’ll take a couple of pictures of the scenery before she arrives too, just because I’ve suddenly developed a fondness for landscape photography in recent weeks. Then, we will cross the river to go shopping in Queen Street Mall. We’ll browse for clothes and accessories which seem fashionable for Umi, carrying as much as I can to minimise the weight she carries.

She will probably fear that I’m like Kotori, one of Umi’s childhood friends who buys clothes and accessories because of their cuteness. This tendency usually results in Umi being forced to try out immodest clothing (at least to Umi’s harsh standards). I’ll reply to her that I look for more modest clothing… and besides, I enjoy the look of women in semi-formal attire. Perhaps she will appreciate it, but maybe she won’t. Wouldn’t hurt to try.

After roaming the mall and its miscellaneous stores, I will take her to one of the riverside restaurants in the city, and dine there. By then, it will be approaching sunset, so the river should glisten if we decide to eat somewhere facing the river. Of course, like a true gentleman, I would pull out her chair to allow her to sit; I would coax her to try foods she is intrigued by, and I pay for it all without hesitation. And, for a bit of fun, I would take photos of the food, the view, and of her too, of course.

For conversation, I’d ask her about her family life, her opinions about a couple of things I find important, and also ask about her kendo and archery skills. As a person interested in martial arts, I would be very inclined to talk to her about her sports training, and how that’s affected her lifestyle and personality. A lot of people mistake her strict attitude as being pompous and self-righteous, but she is a role model to timid girls, if anything.

Finally, after dinner has come and gone, it should be night-time. So we will return to the starting place: the Wheel of Brisbane, and we will hop aboard the ride. I will ask her if she enjoyed the date, and hopefully she says she does. I’d ask her to pose for a photo of her which includes the nightscape too. I will compliment her, and hopefully she will correct me, where I will insist I am saying so intentionally. By then, I would want her to be bashful, to which I will confess my admiration of her personality.

At this point, I don’t want to let wishful thinking get in the way of my reasoning, so I would honestly think that she would like to take things slow, which I’d be fine with. If, after all of that, she didn’t want to progress things further… I guess I would ask why. Or maybe I won’t. Nah, I definitely will, because I would just want to know how I should be better. But in the case she falls completely head-over-heels for me… the ride might (hopefully) end with a kiss and a heart-warming embrace.

Thus, as the ride slows down to a halt, she and I hop off and together we make our way to her place. I will wish her a Merry Christmas and I will, of course, make sure to bow and thank her parents for letting her spend time with me.


Well, I hope that this was humorous and entertaining for you, dear reader. I hope the holiday season has been kind to you and your family. I hope everyone around you is sharing love and joy, now more than ever. I know that I was touched with some unexpected generosity this morning, so I hope you take care of yourself, and may your spirit be merry and at peace.

And as always, DFTBA!


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