Welcome to 2017, ladies and gentlemen! May this year be filled with prosperity, unconditional love, and joy to all in this world, for every single day of the year!

So… I hope you succeeded in your 2016 New Years resolutions, and that your 2017 ones will be achieved within the year. For me, I guess my NYR for this year would be “to increase my independence from my family”. I have a few things that will count towards it, so fingers crossed it works out.

But anyway, I thought we’d start the year with a bit of ethical discussion. I’m going to start a discussion on the Seven Principles of Bioethics:

Autonomy, Benevolence, Non-malevolence, Justice, Confidentiality, Fidelity, and Veracity.

This is just something I learned about in First Year Semester 1 of the Bachelor of Medical Imaging, but I find that this is, quite honestly, a noble way to live life. Here, I attempt to discuss these principles, and what they can mean when it comes to professional and personal practice, particularly as a radiographer.

First, I’ll touch on Autonomy, and every day for the first week of the year, I will go through what each means to me.

Autonomy, in this sense, means being able to make a judgement that is completely yours. This means that you are not bribed, threatened, or influenced in any other way by other people. This is entirely your judgement call, and not because your colleague is blackmailing you into incorrectly radiographing a patient.

When you think about it, you could argue that no one is able to make a decision completely independently. You could argue that everyone is influenced either directly or indirectly by what everyone else around them does, which means no decision is truly autonomous. From the patient’s presentation to the information provided by your colleagues, to the capabilities of your facilities, to your own perception of your skills…everything affects your decisions. Thus, it can be seen as impossible to act on your own.

That’s it for today! If you wanna make sure you don’t miss out on the other six, subscribe to the blog, either with your WordPress account or your e-mail at the top-right of the page.

Like if you enjoy my content, comment on your NYR, and I will see you tomorrow, dear reader! DFTBA!


8 thoughts on “Autonomy

  1. yo, dude
    Awesome new years eve video :),
    I waited six hours for those fireworks, kinda shitty I was lonely for most of it.
    I hope you were chilling with your friends in order to wait it out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, first of all…it’s a shame that you were alone last New Years Eve… Here’s hoping that you spend this year’s with friends and/or family.

      As for who I was with…I actually waited it out with my dad and sis… Mum was too tired to stay up late, so she was at home.

      Thanks for commenting!


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