Hope is But an Illusion…

As scary as life is, what with so-called catastrophic political upheavals, degenerative memes, and downright just plain ol’ stupid stuff, there are still people whose optimism tries to spread like Ebola, or the Bubonic Plague.

Be Inspired is a well-meaning page, with daily inspiration to reinvigorate your will and hope, and I would DEFINITELY recommend following it if you want your heart to be lightened, not weighed down. I’ve linked to a recent daily short; its subject about “giving up”, and how to handle it productively and effectively.

Despite all this praise, I can’t help but feel that hope is… belief without any rigorous thought. It’s mindless to hope for anything, in my opinion. Pragmatism, if anything, is so much better than hope. To do something as opposed to hoping something will happen is, quite honestly, more productive and more conducive to better health all over. Being able to push through your suffering – by taking actions to actively improve the situation – is so much more efficient in building self-confidence.

This is NOT directed at anyone in particular, nor is this to dismiss the rise of mental health disorders as a joke about Millennials who haven’t experienced the “struggle and succeed” concept. Mental health IS a serious issue ALL AROUND THE WORLD, and for us Millennials (people who were schoolchildren in the last twenty years), it’s through no fault of our own. Hold your chin up high, fellow Millennials! I stand by you, tall and proud!

Millennials are often portrayed as undignified people without full awareness (or proper education) of “the skills of life”. They are seen as people without confidence, always whining and complaining. However, I believe it’s because the parents (and teachers) of this generation have yet to conclusively define how the old-fashioned rules should be applied (or altered) in this new technological age. I also feel that they are unable to fully and formally vocalise these rules in a setting which does not feel condescending to the progeny in question.

If anything, I think the one thing we should focus on for the next few decades is to formalise the “rules of life” into the schooling structure, and for those rules to THOUGHTFULLY incorporate the flaws and strengths in digital communication. That way, the future of humanity will awesomely improve the lives by leaps and bounds.

So to recap: hope is an illusion, pragmatism is key, don’t blame the Millennials, and teach them the skills of life with THOUGHTFUL modernistic reasoning in order to incorporate it into the education system.

Thank you for reading, and I want to clearly state that I don’t dislike the page Be Inspired. This article was targeting the misconception between mental disorders and the status of Millennial children, which many people seem to make without really understanding why.

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And as always, DFTBA!


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