Through Sadness and Zombies



Eh… not really. I’ll be referencing and alluding to material from those video games, but this is more of a creative piece. I’ll be putting myself in that sort of position… you know, a post-apocalyptic world with zombie hordes. I will try to avoid as much spoiler content as possible. I just want to make this a sort of imaginary back story of my character in this situation, how I’d survive (LOL), et cetera.

Loss without despair. I think about those words a lot. They’re in my school song… from the high school which I graduated.

I think about what it really means to lose something without despair. I think about whether it means that I should be cold, heartless, ruthless, and arrogant. I think about whether it means just going through the motions, and keeping yourself going no matter what…even if your soul is drained of all hope. I think about whether it means that if something were to go wrong…that maybe by opposing end it would be the best option, since…if you die, you can’t feel despair. You can’t feel ANYTHING in death.

I think about it a lot as I sit by a campfire in this…fortress? Community? Town? I don’t know what to call this place. It’s filled with people who have lost everything…everything from their old lives, that is. THIS…this whole THING…is our life now.


No more sitting around playing video games. No more running away from my problems because I was too scared to hurt people’s feelings… and their lives… with my existence. No more crying in the corner, blaming myself as the “demon kid” or the “bastard child” that never belonged on this Earth.

I was so useless back then, not doing anything to help anyone, because I was too scared that one of my actions would kill an entire nation. I guess I don’t have to worry about that now… But…what if my actions end all of humanity? What if we’re the only ones left? What if the entire world is screwed over because of these zombies, these undead, these degenerates? Am I going to kill off humanity if I don’t survive…if I don’t help every soul I find out there?

Does it even matter? Would our actions even matter? Would our EXISTENCE even matter? No. No, it wouldn’t matter to the Earth. If anything, this is the reset button…this is the way we die, and this is how the Earth will die, and the Universe… This is how EVERYTHING will die out.


No… I can’t grow complacent like this. I can’t keep giving up like this! If I AM the last hope, I have to fight till the bitter end. I must keep going for as long as I can. Unless I see the rising sun, I must not lose determination. I will survive. I’m a survivor

I will unite the remnants of humanity together… I will escape this wasteland with them… and I will hunt down those who started this hell. I will hunt down the summoners of these grueling monsters, and I will make them pay for what they’ve done… with their lives.

I will burn the creators of these Walkers to the ground… and no phoenix shall rise from their ashes.

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Apart from that, take care and don’t forget to be awesome!


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