When Music Bleeds Into… (Part 3)

…the way I think about my past and how it triggers me to shudder and shake the thoughts right out.

My ex-girlfriend and I got together when this song had just hit the charts.

Now I avoid it… not like The Plague, but I avoid it.

You know how you have those memories that invade your mind and you just want them out. Sometimes I shake my head to get them out; it’s like I have the heeby-geebies.

To snap myself out of it, I do the Gregorian chant from the Halo franchise’s theme song. I did this once in a stairwell. I wasn’t feeling very content with myself at a Regional and Sectional Anatomy practical class, so I decided to let my anguish out with this.

My lecturer was consoling me beforehand and was still in the hallway connecting the lab to the stairwell. As soon as I started, she opened the door and asked me, “Did you hear a choir go off in the stairwell?” I sheepishly replied, “That was actually me,” and she shrugged it off before promptly closing the door.

Perhaps that was the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done musically.

I once thought about adding the Halo Gregorian chant to the beginning of this song: Bastille’s Icarus. It sounded really interesting to me, and so now that transition from the Halo theme’s chant to Bastille’s Icarus is almost second nature.

Bad news like a suckerpunch,
What do you say?
Air knocked out of my lungs,
Want you to stay.

When you hear something difficult
Don’t back away.
Some people say nothing.
Good ones engage.

After hearing the sound check version (above link) I just couldn’t get it out of my head. The words just have so much more weight when it’s so stripped back and they sync so well with my experience of the breakup, which at this point is completely forgotten.

And that’s it… not a lengthy one because I realise that perhaps I should vary the length of my posts. I hope you, dear reader and listener, enjoyed the selection of music and my thoughts on them.

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