Hello Internet & Cortex

I LOVE podcasts nowadays.

Ever since I was introduced to the idea of listening to podcasts (thanks, Angela), I’ve been listening to Hello Internet (a podcast hosted by Brady Haran and CGP Grey) and Cortex (hosted by Myke Hurley and CGP Grey). Brady and Grey are educational YouTube creators whilst Myke Hurley is the co-founder of Relay FM: a podcast centred network.

Why do I love podcasts? Because they make me think. The lack of visual stimulus allows me to just enjoy the content of the discussions, compared to being fed awesome visuals that YouTube gaming videos provide. Gaming videos are very attention-seeking, requiring full visual attention as well as aural attention, and livestreams are the pinnacle of this attention hogging.

Podcasts, on the other hand, allow me to enjoy the content while I’m working on chores. This is SUPER important for my morning ritual nowadays, because I can wake up and play an episode as I’m eating, making my dad’s coffee, exchanging the water on the family altar… It’s just marvellous.

Okay, so lemme give you a rundown of what these two blogs offer.

Hello Internet is a podcast which typically explores the minds of two YouTube content creators, ranging from productivity to plane crashes, from controversial YouTube changes to Apple Watch debates, from mischievous Tims to… you get the idea. Anything that comes to mind, Hello Internet is their little brain dump.

That’s not to say that this content is terrible. People tend to get upset when there’s no structure to podcasts (which kinda defeats the purpose of a podcast, in my opinion). There is the odd Corner that pops up to accommodate some sort of structure, but for the most part, it’s just rambling all the way. It’s silly fun and I love it 120%.

Cortex is a more focussed podcast which hones in on Grey’s productivity. It is really a podcast which highlights how to manage a self-employed business. I find it useful since it motivates me to get apps and workflows to encourage a studying mindset (I pretty much gave up on life in high school so I lost my competitive edge).

There’s talk about list apps, e-mail apps, Apple products, YouTube channels, and complaints about Evernote… oh, Evernote. It’s a really tech-centric podcast, so it’s perfect for me. I REALLY want to get my life on track, so this podcast really helps me with a few tips and tricks. Using tech? Awesome bonus!

I’m just about to be up to date with these podcasts and these are the only ones I listen to so far.

I previously used the standard Apple Podcasts app, but after hearing about Overcast on BOTH podcasts, I have made a complete conversion to Overcast as my podcasting app. With this iOS-only app, you can activate Smart Speed (by swiping right on a podcast episode) so that it automatically adjusts the speed of the podcast (just slightly) so that you can minimise the amount of “dead air” you hear. I have apparently saved 5 hours of my life thanks to this so… I’m quietly surprised.

Overcast Logo (overcast.fm)

Another awesome feature is that you can kinda skip the ads in the middle of the podcast if you’re connected to the Internet, preferably Wi-Fi. It’s not a perfect skip, either by intention of the podcaster or a shortcoming of the app, but you can skip by a minimum of seven seconds and it usually does the trick. The skip is, more accurately, to the next bookmarked time, which may not be applicable in some circumstances.

Oh, and it has a Dark Mode. So much easier on the eyes. You’ll thank me later.

So if you’re at all interest, go right ahead and download Overcast, then subscribe to Hello Internet and Cortex.

Thank you, dear reader, for reaching the end of yet another “seemingly paid promotion but I swear it’s not” post. Like, comment and subscribe. I’m sure you can figure that out easy enough. DFTBA!


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