About Me

Who am I?


I am Tin Tran; 17 years old as of the start of this blog in 2016. Born, raised and living in Brisbane, Australia, I am a university student currently studying Bachelor of Medical Imaging at the Queensland University of Technology. As my name would suggest, I am Vietnamese and proud to be…even though I can hardly speak Viet, let alone write or read it (hahahaha…). I have also been diagnosed with clinical depression, and gotten away with lying about being on the road to recovery.

What do I like?

An Unknown SPARTAN.jpg

Gaming…as much as I hate conforming to stereotypes, this one is true.

I currently play Warface (PC – Steam), Rainbow Six: Siege (PC -Steam), Pokemon: Magikarp Jump (iOS/Android) and Adventure Quest: Battle Gems (iOS/Android).

Also, I used to play Ghost Recon Phantoms (PC – Steam), Blacklight: Retribution (PC – Steam), Age of Wushu Dynasty (iOS/Android), Smite (PC – Steam), Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links (iOS/Android), Dragonfable (PC – Web), Team Fortress 2 (PC – Steam), Love Live! School Idol Festival (iOS/Android), and let’s not get started on all the XBOX 360 games I have.

Steam Name: Dispatch009
Smite Name: ExiledMedusa

I watch YouTube videos related to gaming, science, maths and music too! Channels I subscribe to include SciShow, Veritasium, Numberphile, Periodic Videos, CrashCourse, Let’s Play, BrownMan, TetraNinja, TheGameTheoristsTryHardNinja, TheAuZZieGamer, and NateWantsToBattle.

Finally, I like singing. Not that I’d say I’m good at it, but I did have a Facebook and Twitter page (though I didn’t post any ACTUAL content) since it is just a work in progress. Music tastes include bands like Bastille, The Eagles, Fall Out Boy, and μ’s; anime OSTs like Reluctant Heroes, The Hero, and Time to Say Goodbye (by Jeff Williams & Casey Lee Williams); and miscellaneous artists like Michael Buble, Celine Dion, and Ronan Keating.

Oooh! On a related note, I enjoy watching anime, though I’ve kinda found my favourite already. It’s a music-oriented anime franchise called Love Live!

It’s a franchise that has voice actresses who perform musical performances just like a Japanese pop girl group. The twist is the performers are also the voices actresses in the anime series (of which there are two: Love Live! School Idol Project and Love Live! Sunshine). The songs are the main cream of the crop, and they are the reason why I LOVE Love Live! (Bad jokes aside…)

What do I usually do day to day?


I don’t work…I just study or game my life away. When I’m at uni, I am constantly on Age of Wushu: Dynasty (AoWD) trying to level up while I’m in lectures or while studying  (thank the Heavens for auto-running). If not, I’m either at home watching YouTube videos, actually studying, or playing Love Live! School Idol Festival (LLSIF) when there’s an event on [though currently on hiatus for LLSIF]. I play the other

Oh, and I’ve recently started watching anime and reading manga/webcomics (for the first time since I was 10). Current things I’m watching are Love Live! Sunshine (Season Two now airing) and Memories of the Haunted. Oooh, and if you like the web-comic, please take a look at FruitTartz who co-created it. His DeviantArt gallery and Facebook page are linked.