Awesome Links

Saitama 2

My Facebook page to see any of my music suggestions as well as new posts on this blog. I also have an Instagram, Tumblr, and a Twitter (@2TINZ_QUT).

Memories of the Haunted: a webcomic created by FruitTartz and Reishichi which updates every Friday. As of updating this page (Feb 25th, 2017), there are some 43 memoirs.

RWBY: a really good animation series (four seasons in as of Feb 25th, 2017), created by the late Monty Oum from Rooster Teeth.

Boosify’s DeviantArt and Facebook page: a personal friend of mine who’s good at art and cosplay.

Ramisa the Authoress: another personal friend of mine, who is a variety blogger and a passionate writer with a massive heart of love.

HugglePenguin: another personal friend of mine, who is a blogger and a co-author of this site.

Bad Computer: yet ANOTHER personal friend who is an experimental electronic musician and part-time D.J.

TryHardNinja: an awesome singer who makes original songs about popular games, and his parodies on Song Parody Zone are the reason why I sing now!

NateWantsToBattle: a YouTube gamer/singer who does covers of songs from anime, as well as having his own gaming channel called NateWantsToBattleGames.

Jonathan Young: a crazy good singer who does rock covers of Disney and anime songs.

PelleK: damn amazing Norwegian singer who does anime covers too… like, no joke, his vocal range is four octaves!!!!

Habitica: a website I use to keep track of my habits, daily tasks, and to-dos all while making it feel progressive like a role-playing game such as World of Warcraft.