Feeling the Lyrics – Two Evils (Bastille)

Here I am… listening to music. “Two Evils” by Bastille. Dark. Cruel. Soulful.

It’s a song which talks about whether the singer is the lesser of two evils, possibly referring to his opinion that he’s the better boyfriend candidate to this hypothetical crush, or whether he should be honest about his feelings. However, he experiences much discomfort in his current position, questioning whether he’s “tricking myself nice”, as well as challenging the “man” or rather “this act” he hides behind.

[Verse 1]
I’m the lesser of two evils
Or am I, am I tricking myself nice?
If I’m a lesser of two evils
Who’s this man, who’s this act I hide behind?

There is a challenge set in the chorus, either to his other challenger or to himself… his more evil and immoral self. He states the finality and absolute nature of this challenge, stating that “this is a game, no wrongs, no rights; only a winner and a loser.” Then, he repeats that “we’re not that different, you and I.”

There are two ways to skin tonight
Let’s see whose road gets there faster
This is a game, no wrongs, no right
Only a winner and a loser

You and I, oh you and I
We’re not that different, you and I
Oh you and I, you and I
We’re not that different, you and I

The second verse shows us what his facade is like, how he tries to entrance his lover with his passionate gaze. This could also be interpreted that he’s staring into the eyes of his opponent in an intimidating fashion. Or this could be his own internal reflection, staring down his more evil self, wanting his more rational and moral self to come out on top.

[Verse 2]
Oh I’m the lesser of two evils
So keep looking, just keep looking into my eyes
And as the lesser of two evils
It pays to, pays to be the nice guy sometimes

The second chorus is a little different to the first. It states that he’s “hiding in plain sight”. Whether this is a threat to his rival, or a warning from his more immoral self which lurks in the shadowy recesses of his mind, it is unclear. Either way, they state that “if you’re not careful, you will lose her.”

There are two ways to skin tonight
Let’s see whose road gets there faster
Here I am hiding in plain sight
If you’re not careful you will lose her

You and I, oh you and I
We’re not that different, you and I
Oh you and I, you and I
We’re not that different, you and I

The song ends with the same phrase being echoed without any instrumental.

You and I, oh you and I
We’re not that different, you and I


#failwhale (Happy New Year)

I feel bad, my dear reader.

A WHOLE MONTH without me saying “Happy New Year” to you.

I had clinical placement to make up for the one I failed at the beginning of 2017. It was very draining… many nights ended up me falling asleep at 8pm when I had finished at 5pm. Having to do that for seven weeks – with only Christmas week as an intermediary break – is pretty tough. ESPECIALLY OFF THE BACK OF A FIVE-WEEK PLACEMENT…

But I digress.

I hope that you’ve all had a wonderful summer/winter holiday. School should already be in full swing and all you adults should be back to the grind since January 2nd. I hope you guys have a wonderful 2018; one filled with productivity, prosperity, and unyielding health.

University starts up on February 19th for me, but orientation week (a.k.a. freebie collection week) starts on the 12th. I’ll be catching up with my friends in and out of the eSports Arena. I am DEFINITELY playing Rainbow Six: Siege during that time.

I’ve neglected this blog too much. I need to get back into it. I need more content.



Sorry. Exuberance was never my strong point.

But anyway, I will continue this blog’s advancement to greatness (or reversal into oblivion) for 2018. I have, like, five drafts to actually do. Hopefully, I will complete them throughout the year. They’re kinda interesting… I don’t know, I’m just throwing stuff to see what sticks.

Anyways, that’s all for me for now! DFTBA!

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Recess Searching (Update)

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This is the blog of a university student in Brisbane, Australia. He explores the recesses of his mind, in order to discover himself, through his ramblings.

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