Establishing a Meditation Habit

Inspiration Source: Establishing a Meditation Habit in 60 Seconds per Day (or Less!) from the official Habitica blog.

So… when you think of meditation, do you think of someone chanting the word “Ommm” every few seconds, sitting cross-legged in the Lotus position, your thumbs pressing your index fingers to make out a circle, and resting your hands on your lap?

Or do you imagine the Buddha, sitting upon an actual lotus flower, smiling with his eyes slightly open, with one hand in his lap and the other upright like half the hand gesture of a prayer? Continue reading


I Swear That I’m Alive!

Hahaha…. (sheepishly laughs). Hey, everyone…

Listen, long story short, I’m on clinical placement now, I had finished my exams roughly a month ago, and right now I’m just tired out of my brain. Continue reading

For Fathers’ Day 2017

A short composition from a very talented friend of mine…via Father’s Day 2017 by jesfzy

RE: The Intolerant Christian – Jerusalem in Athens

Please read through this short article first before reading on: The Intolerant Christian – Jerusalem in Athens Continue reading

Recess Searching (Update)

When I searched myself up on Google a few days ago – via the terms “Teen Ramblings” – I read my description of the blog and felt a bit like I was putting up a facade.

This is the blog of a university student in Brisbane, Australia. He explores the recesses of his mind, in order to discover himself, through his ramblings.

Now that it’s been a year and a bit since I started this blog, I have realised just how much this supposed “outlet of emotion and thoughts” for me has now become a “hide all your feelings behind your creative mind” blog. I did ONE thing about mental health, but that got overwhelmed by all the artistic content. I wanted to drown out the serious talk with those posts. Continue reading

Hello Internet & Cortex

I LOVE podcasts nowadays.

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When Music Bleeds Into… (Part 3)

…the way I think about my past and how it triggers me to shudder and shake the thoughts right out. Continue reading

Money, Money, Money

Thing to read first:

[WARNING – Contains coarse language.] Hank Green’s Facebook post about the struggles of weighing financial benefits over moral ones.

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A Maths Joke…

A guy walks into a bar and tells the bartender, “Give me ten times as many drinks than you have served tonight.”

The bartender goes, “Now THAT’S an order of magnitude!”

If you’ve got a good joke, why don’t you leave a comment down below with your best jokes?

Dance (The Abyss)