Recess Searching (Update)

When I searched myself up on Google a few days ago – via the terms “Teen Ramblings” – I read my description of the blog and felt a bit like I was putting up a facade.

This is the blog of a university student in Brisbane, Australia. He explores the recesses of his mind, in order to discover himself, through hisĀ ramblings.

Now that it’s been a year and a bit since I started this blog, I have realised just how much this supposed “outlet of emotion and thoughts” for me has now become a “hide all your feelings behind your creative mind” blog. I did ONE thing about mental health, but that got overwhelmed by all the artistic content. I wanted to drown out the serious talk with those posts. Continue reading

Hello Internet & Cortex

I LOVE podcasts nowadays.

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When Music Bleeds Into… (Part 3)

…the way I think about my past and how it triggers me to shudder and shake the thoughts right out. Continue reading

Money, Money, Money

Thing to read first:

[WARNING – Contains coarse language.] Hank Green’s Facebook post about the struggles of weighing financial benefits over moral ones.

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A Maths Joke…

A guy walks into a bar and tells the bartender, “Give me ten times as many drinks than you have served tonight.”

The bartender goes, “Now THAT’S an order of magnitude!”

If you’ve got a good joke, why don’t you leave a comment down below with your best jokes?

Dance (The Abyss)

You Never Know…

Does the unknown scare you? Would you love to be in control of your finances? Your relationships? Your life in general? Well… Continue reading

It’s Gonna be May

Jonathan Young… I swear, the memery will never end with this guy…

Lack of Professionalism

So I’ve just finished my first clinical placement of my course, and I have to say that… it was an eye-opener that I need to develop my interpersonal skills much more than my technical skills. It has caused me a great sadness to hear that I did not perform satisfactorily during my placement, and it’s mainly the reason why I’m writing this.

But before I go too in depth with what I want to discuss, let me bring you up to speed with what clinical placement is. Continue reading

Through Sadness and Zombies



Eh… not really. I’ll be referencing and alluding to material from those video games, but this is more of a creative piece. I’ll be putting myself in that sort of position… you know, a post-apocalyptic world with zombie hordes. I will try to avoid as much spoiler content as possible. I just want to make this a sort of imaginary backstory of my character in this situation, how I’d survive (LOL), et cetera.

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